Buying A Domain Name From Namesilo

Learn how to purchase your preferred domain online from Namesilo

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One of the important steps to take in your blogging journey is to have a domain name. Today, we are going to learn the important factors that must be considered before you hit the BUY button on Namesilo to register your first domain name.


The length of a domain name will impact how users react to your site. Will it be easier for your blog visitors to memorize your domain name? There is no fixed length or accepted standard that the length of your domain name should have but note that, the shorter the better. Only go for longer domain names when it’s absolutely necessary.


Domain names can have symbols such as – (dash), numbers and alphabets in them. Is the domain name containing something different aside alphabets? Does it make sense to have numbers or a dash in your domain name? Once again, only have numbers and dash in your domain names when it’s absolutely necessary. This is to ensure your domain name looks professional.


There are countless domain name extensions out there and Namesilo supports over 500 of them. But the bigger question is, which one of them should you opt for? The best advice we can offer you on this is that always go for the .com version. If the .com version isn’t available, go for the industry-specific extension. Some good extensions you can go for are .app, .io, .tech, .me, .city, .shop.

I will never advise you to go for .xyz as many spammers have abused that extension and you are seen as a spammy site with that extension. There are more, so head over to Namesilo and check out the various domain extensions they have.


In order to rank quickly in the search engines, some people prefer to go for exact match keyword domain names. For example, if my niche is on How to lose weight for Pregnant women, someone will buy This used to work decades ago but now, they don’t. You have endeavored to have a domain name that is easier to remember, sounds professional and you easily be branded in your chosen niche.

Even though it isn’t good to have an exact match keyword domain name, you can have your main keyword somewhere in your domain name. Using the pregnancy example, you could go for something like It sounds catchy, easy to remember and your users will understand the brand you are trying to create.


There are branded domain names, just like premium domains that you can buy off the shelf. Trying to come out with a domain name but seems you’ve run out of ideas? Head to BrandBucket or BrandRoot to get yourself some premium branded domain names. Don’t forget these domain names are costly, starting from $1000+.


In some situations, your preferred domain name wouldn’t be available, it has already been snapped up by someone else. In such situations, what do you do? The best solution I have found is such cases is to use to look for available domains that contain my target keyword.


Another factor you must look for is, how are you going to manage the domain name. Does the registrar have a newbie-friendly, easy to use dashboard that can allow you make edits such as WHOIS updates, create custom nameservers, add your DNS, edit the DNS template and domain renewals? As you begin your blogging journey, you need tools that are simple and easier to navigate your way through. That’s why I recommend Namesilo


Buying a domain from Namesilo is so easy, anyone can do it. Follow the step by step guide below to register your first domain name.

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  • Enter your preferred domain name

  • Add your selected domain name and click checkout

  • Enter WPBLOGGA on the checkout page to get $1 off

  • Click ‘CONTINUE’ and create your account to make payment
  • Once payment is successful, log into your Namesilo account and click on Domain Manager
  • To see the various actions you can perform on your domain, select it

  • If you have bought a web hosting account, enter your dns.

So simple buying a domain name from Namesilo. You are spoiled with options and the good news is, the price is the cheapest on the market. Other registrars are charging fees for WHOIS privacy but Namesilo gives it to you for free. The renewal fee is the same as the first time purchase price $8.99 (excluding any previous discounts), unlike other registrars that renewals fee is almost a double of the first time purchase price.

In the next step, I am going to show you how to order for your first hosting package from Bluehost and how to connect your domain name to the server.